Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review

Founded in 1994 and sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, The Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review (HMEIR) published work based on original research and distinguished by the highest quality of scholarship. HMEIR published manuscripts on topics covering a broad range of disciplines, with particular emphasis on the humanities and the social sciences, and reflecting a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives, and its contributions advanced knowledge and understanding of the many subfields that fall under the rubric of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

***Please note that publication of HMEIR has been suspended indefinitely.***

Back Issues & Orders

Use the links below to view the tables of contents for Volumes 1 through 8. Volume 8 is also available as a free PDF download.

Prices and Availability

Volume Date Individual Price* Institutional Price*
Volume 1.1 February 1994 Not available Not available
Volume 1.2 November 1994 Not available Not available
Volume 2.1 Spring 1995 Not available Not available
Volume 2.2 Autumn 1995 $13.00 $18.00
Volume 3.1/2 1996 $13.00 $18.00
Volume 4.1/2 1997–1998 $13.00 $18.00
Volume 5 1999–2000 $13.00 $18.00
Volume 6 2000–2001 Not available Not available
Volume 7 2006 $15.00 $22.00
Volume 8 2009 $15.00 $22.00

*Prices do not include shipping.

Ordering Back Issues

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Please note that HMIER is currently on hiatus, and is not accepting subscription requests at this time.


Please note that publication of HMIER has been suspended, and is not accepting submissions at this time.