Middle Eastern Monograph Series

From 1958 through 2009, the Center worked with Harvard University Press to produce the Middle Eastern Monograph Series. The publications program covered a wide geographic and disciplinary range and reflected the latest scholarship in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. 

Now numbering over forty monographs, the series includes Violent Modernity: France in Algeria, by Abdelmajid Hannoum, Forgotten Saints: History, Power & Politics in the Making of Modern Moroccoby Sahar Bazzaz, Islamicate Sexualities, edited by Kathryn Babayan and Afsaneh Najmabadi, and Spiritual Wayfarers, Leader in Piety by Daphna Ephrat.

In 2009 Monograph Series Board made the difficult decision to suspend the Monograph Series in light of the budgetary constraints at Harvard. We are unable to accept proposals during the period of suspension. We look forward to welcoming the Monograph Series back once we are again able to support it.

Purchasing: Titles in the series (except for out of print titles) are available for purchase through Harvard University Press.

Desk Copies: Desk copies of CMES monographs are provided by our distributor, Harvard University Press.

Series List

Many of these titles can be purchased through Harvard University Press, Amazon, or other booksellers. When we know of such availability, the title is linked to the order site. 

 Violent Modernity cover. 42. Violent Modernity: France in Algeria, by Abdelmajid Hannoum. 2010

Forgotten Saints cover.41. Forgotten Saints: History, Power, and Politics in the Making of Modern Morocco, by Sahar Bazzaz. 2010

Islamicate Sexualities cover.40. Islamicate Sexualities: Translations across Temporal Geographies of Desire, edited by Kathryn Babayan and Afsaneh Najmabadi

Spiritual Wayfarers cover. 39. Spiritual Wayfarers, Leaders in Piety: Sufis and the Dissemination of Islam in Medieval Palestine, by Daphna Ephrat

Moral Resonance cover. 38. The Moral Resonance of Arab Media: Audiocassette Poetry and Culture in Yemen, by Flagg Miller, 2007.

Peasant Economy cover. 37. The Palestinian Peasant Economy under the Mandate: A Story of Colonial Bungling, by Amos Nadan, 2006.

Byzantium cover. 36. Byzantium Viewed by the Arabs, by Nadia Maria El Cheikh, 2004.

Mystics cover. 35. Mystics, Monarchs and Messiahs: Cultural Landscapes of Early Modern Iran, Kathryn Babayan, 2002.

Perspectives cover. 34. New Perspectives on Property and Land in the Middle East, E. Roger Owen, editor, 2001.

Caliphate cover. 33. The Second Umayyad Caliphate: The Articulation of Caliphal Legitimacy in al-Andalus, by Janina Safran. 2000.

Hermeneutics cover. 32. Hermeneutics and Honor: Negotiating Female “Public” Space in Islamic/ate societies, Asma Afsaruddin, editor. 1999.

Sultan cover. 31. In the Shadow of the Sultan: Culture, Power, and Politics in Morocco, Rahma Bourqia and Susan Gilson Miller, editors. 1999.

Armenians cover. 30. The Armenians of Iran: The Paradoxical Role of a Minority in a Dominant Culture: Articles and Documents, Cosroe Chaqueri, editor. 1998.

Rarities cover. 29. Book of Gifts and Rarities: Kitab al-Hadaya wa al-Tuhaf, Ghada al-Hijjawi al-Qaddumi, translator and annotator. 1997.

Bosnia-Herzegovina cover. 28. The Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina: Their Historic, Mark Pinson, editor. 1994.

Philosophy cover.27. The Political Aspects of Islamic Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Muhsin S. Mahdi, Charles E. Butterworth, editor. 1992.

Lights cover. 26. The Science of Mystic Lights, by John Walbridge. 1992.

Autobiographies cover. 25. Women’s Autobiographies in Contemporary Iran, Afsaneh Najmabadi, editor. 1990.

24. City in the Desert, Volume II. 1978.

23. City in the Desert, by Oleg Grabar, Renata Holod, James Knustad, and William Trousdale. 1978.

22. The Seljuk Vezirate: A Study of Civil Administration, by Carla L. Klauzner. 1973.

21. The Problem of Diglossia in Arabic: A Comparative Study of Classical and Iraqi Arabic, by Salih J. al-Toma. 1969.

20. The Youth of Haouch el Harimi: A Lebanese Village, by Judith R. Williams. 1968.

19. Women of Algeria: An Essay on Change, by David C. Gordon. 1968.

18. Rebirth of a Nation: The Origins and Rise of Moroccan Nationalism, 1912-1944, by John P. Halstead, 1967.

17. High-Level Manpower in Economic Development: The Turkish Case, by Richard D. Robinson. 1967.

16. The Surest Path: The Political Treatise of a Nineteenth-Century Muslim Statesman, by Leon Carl Brown, 1967.

15. The Practical Vision of Ya‘qub Sanu‘, by Irene L. Gendzier. 1966.

14. The Syrian Social Nationalist Party: An Ideological Analysis, by Labib Zuwiyya Yamak. 1966.

13. The Economy of the Israeli Kibbutz, by Eliyahu Kanovsky. 1966.

12. The Economy of Morocco: 1912-1962, by Charles F. Stewart. 1964.

11. Ottoman Egypt in the Age of the French Revolution, translated with Introduction and Notes, by Stanford J. Shaw. 1964.

10. Communal Dialects in Baghdad, by Haim Blanc. 1964.

9. North Africa’s French Legacy: 1954-1962, by David C. Gordon. 1962.

8. Child Rearing in the Lebanon, by Edwin Terry Prothro. 1961.

7. Ottoman Egypt in the Eighteenth Century, Stanford J. Shaw, editor and translator. 1962.

6. Buarji: Portrait of a Lebanese Muslim Village, by Anne H. Fuller. 1961.

5. The Industrialization of Iraq, by Kathleen M. Langley. 1961.

4. Pan-Arabism and Labor, by Willard A. Beling. 1960.

3. Contributions to Arabic Linguistics, Charles A. Ferguson, editor. 1960.

2. The History of Modern Iran: An Interpretation, by Joseph M. Upton. 1960.

1. Syria: Development and Monetary Policy, by Edmund Y. Asfour. 1959.