Student Jobs

There are plenty of student jobs at Harvard, flexible enough to fit with your studies and social life.

The Harvard Student Employment Office

The Student Employment Office is dedicated to helping students find worthwhile work, whether it is keeping University offices, libraries, labs and facilities operating smoothly, pursuing research with a faculty member, or serving the community as a reading tutor. The SEO’s jobs database makes it easy for prospective employers to post their positions, and it offers several programs (Work-Study and the HCRP among others) to expand research and public service opportunities as well as more traditional jobs.

Student Assistant and Teaching Positions

In the past, CMES graduate students have worked as...

Bibliographic Assistant

Judaica Division, Widener Library — The Judaica Division usually hires a number of students each year. Contact Elizabeth Vernon.

Middle Eastern Division, Widener Library — The Middle Eastern Division of Widener Library is responsible for Harvard’s collection of Middle Eastern language materials – books, periodicals, newspapers, videos, and other formats in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Armenian, Kurdish, and a number of other languages. Part-time work is available to assist with the processing of new acquisitions. Interested individuals should contact Michael Hopper, Head of Middle Eastern Division.

Islam in the West Assistant

The Islam in the West program coordinated by Jocelyne Cesari aims to enhance knowledge on Muslim minorities in secular and democratic contexts in the West. Professor Cesari often needs student assistants to help with the following key activities: the seminar series, Islam in the West; a GSAS Student Workshop about Islam in the West; publications; and the Muslims in Boston Survey. Contact Jocelyne Cesari.

Paid Positions at CMES

CMES occasionally employs part-time student assistants. Information about available positions is generally advertised via the Mideast List. Past positions have included short term projects assisting with the coordination of large seminars and conferences, as well as semester-long positions assisting with communications, alumni relations, and other administrative areas.

Research Assistants

In past years, CMES students have worked for Harvard faculty as well as for CMES associates. While some research assistantships are posted through the Student Employment Office most are found by networking and approaching professors directly. You will also receive e-mail job announcements via the Mideast list should faculty members need assistants.

Other Assistant Positions

There are many libraries and programs at Harvard, some with Middle East collections and projects that require student assistants, for example, the Aga Khan Office in the Fine Arts Library. Check the Mideast List for opportunities.


Advanced graduate students should consult with CMES Director William Granara and Director of Doctoral Studies Cemal Kafadar about teaching positions. In some cases, AM students have also found teaching positions.

Residential Positions on Campus

Dudley House Fellows

Dudley House fellows are graduate student staff who organize intellectual, cultural, athletic, and social activities at Dudley House. Fellows work closely with the House master, House administrator, GSAS administrators, and each other to enrich graduate student life at Harvard. Full Dudley fellows receive 10 meals per week in the Dudley Café and a $3,000 stipend. They are guaranteed their choice of housing in the GSAS Residence Halls should they wish to live there. Applications for Dudley fellow positions are available in January for the following academic year. Contact Susan Zawalich, Dudley House administrator, at 617.495.2255.

Freshman Proctors

Freshman Proctors are usually degree candidates in a Harvard University graduate or professional school. Proctors reside in each of the 17 freshman dormitories. Each proctor works under the direction of an assistant dean of freshmen to create an academic and social community among 20 to 40 first-year students and to provide academic and personal counseling to approximately 25 students. The proctor is responsible for understanding, conforming to, and implementing the rules and regulations of Harvard College. Proctors are appointed for the academic year; appointments are reviewed and, if appropriate, positions are renewed annually. Accommodations for proctors vary; a few accommodations are available for couples. Proctors are granted an allowance of 250 meals in the freshman dining hall each term. Applications are available in November. For more information, contact the Freshman Dean's Office, 6 Prescott Street, Cambridge;; 617.495.1574.

House Tutors

House tutors are expected to be advisors to and intellectual role models for undergraduates who reside in the House. A House master, generally a professor or senior administrator, is responsible for the overall management and well-being of each of the 12 Houses. Each House also has a senior tutor who resides in the House and performs many of the functions assumed by the dean of students at other institutions. Roughly 350–450 upperclassmen are affiliated with each House. Dudley House, the student center for GSAS students, has a small number of undergraduate affiliates. All tutors participate actively in House life and are accessible to students for both academic and personal counseling. Resident tutors are provided housing and meals. Non-resident tutors usually receive a number of meals and an opportunity to participate in House life in exchange for various duties. Students should apply to individual House masters by submitting an information form. The form is available in the GSAS Dean's Office in Byerly Hall; the GSAS Office of Student Services, Dudley House, Room B2; and department offices and House offices. In addition to submitting the information form, applicants should write a letter of interest to the Masters of the Houses in which they are interested. Application deadlines may differ, but most Houses make appointments for the subsequent academic year during March and April; a January or February submission is advisable.

GSAS Resident Advisors

GSAS Resident Advisors (RAs) are graduate students who are employed by the GSAS Office of Student Affairs to fulfill various responsibilities in the GSAS Residence Halls. Resident Advisors receive free accommodation and ten meals per week at the Dudley Café. Note, only those who have already spent a year living in the GSAS Residence Halls may apply.