Academic Programs

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies coordinates three PhD programs and one master’s program within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and houses the modern Middle Eastern language programs.

Degree Programs

AM Program in Regional Studies—Middle East

CMES offers a two-year program leading to a master’s degree in Regional Studies—Middle East. Students must complete sixteen half-courses and be in residence for two academic years. Students have the option of writing a thesis, but a thesis is not required to complete the degree. For more details, including the program of study, please see the AM Program section.

PhD Programs in Middle Eastern Studies and History, Anthropology, or History of Art and Architecture

CMES houses three PhD programs, offered jointly with the Departments of Anthropology, History, and History of Art and Architecture. In addition to coursework and comprehensive exams, CMES PhD students develop a high proficiency in at least one Middle Eastern language and complete a dissertation based on original research. For more details, including programs of study, please see the PhD Programs section.

Language Programs

CMES houses and/or supports comprehensive modern Middle Eastern language programs in Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. Offered through the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, these rigorous programs provide CMES students and other undergraduate and graduate students across Harvard with advanced language proficiency to support their research and fieldwork.