Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review, Volume 2.2

Volume 2, Number 2, Autumn 1995

From the Managing Editor, i
Reza Alavi


Contemporary Issues

The Clash of Civilizations: An Islamicist’s Critique , 1
Roy P. Mottahedeh

Modern History

Egyptians in Blackface: Nationalism and the Representation of Sudan in Egypt, 1919, 27
Eve Troutt Powell

Iran’s Oil Crisis of 1951-1953
New Documents and Old Realities
, 46
Mostafa Elm

Islamic Sciences

Healing the Soul: Perspectives of Medieval Muslim Writers, 62
Bazat- Tahera Qutbuddin

Literature and Society

Kings, Peasants and Shoemakers: Social Structure in Firdawsī’s Shāhnāmeh, 88
Louise Marlow

Review Essay

Oxford Between Islam and the West, 109
Reza Alavi

Book Reviews

Fergus Millar
The Roman Near East, 31 B.C.-A.D 337, 119
Morris M. Mottale

Yehuda Ben Meir 
Civil-Military Relations in Israel, 121
Barak Kalfuss

Olga M. Davidson
Poet and Hero in the Persian Book of Kings, 128
Richard N. Frye

Dwight F. Reynolds 
Heroic Poets, Poetic Heroes, 130
William Granara

W. Montgomery Watt 
Bell’s Introduction to the Qur’an, 134
Asma Afsaruddin

Salma Khadra Jayyusi, ed.
Anthology of Modern Palestinian Literature, 138
Samar Attar 

Document and Records

Society: Searching in its Time of Revolution for a Literature with Which it Can Soar Aloft, 142
Yehia Hakki

Announcement, 149

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