Recent AM Theses

(Thesis advisors listed in parentheses.)



“The Judaization of Space: A Critical Analysis of Spatial Practices in Palestine–Israel," Zena Agha  (Sara Roy)

“The War of Words: How Islamic State Tailors its Messaging to English and Turkish Readers," Joseph Ataman (Jocelyne Cesari)

“Sati al-Husri as an Ottoman Intellectual: The Idea of Homeland and Nation,” Hamdullah Baycar (Himmet Taskomur)

 “Achieving Women’s Rights through Arab Nationalism: Thuraya al-Hafiz’s Vision for Arab Women and a United Arab Nation,” Alice Duesdieker (Khaled Fahmy)

 “ ‘A Berbr Dahir in Reverse’: Muhammad V’s 1946 Campaign to Bureaucratize Charismatic Authority in Morocco,” Ethan Mefford (Sahar Bazzaz, College of the Holy Cross)

 “The Issues of the Colonial Caretaker: Dual Loyalty, Palestinian Prisoners, and Israeli Medical Professionals,” Hannah Rigg (Khaled Fahmy)



The Race for the Money: The Rivalry between Doha, Dubai, and Manama to Become the Region’s Financial Center,” Wadah Al Shugaa (Roger Owen)

“Omar ibn Said, Son of Adam, and the People of Abraham,” David Babaian (Marc Shell)

“Assessing the Impact of Gender on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiations,” Federica du Pasquier (Claude Bruderlein)

“The Rise of Romanian National Consciousness and Identity,” Elad Vaida (Cemal Kafadar)


"Armenian Self and Ottoman Society: Christopher Oscanyan’s Oriental and Turkish Museum in London (1853-54)," Nora Lessersohn (Cemal Kafadar, Gulru Necipoglu)

"Financing Jihad: ISIL, Al-Qaeda and the Money Behind Mass Casualty Terrorism," Jonathan Mautner (James A. Baker)

"First Do No Harm: A Critique of the International Counternarcotics Regime in North Africa and the Sahel," George Kraehe (Ousmane Kane)

"Syrian Refugee Adolescents and Parental Involvement in Livelihood Programs in Lebanon," Jennifer Quigley-Jones (Denis Sullivan, Rima Rassi)

"Gender, Parody, and Activism: Rethinking Conceptual Tools through Drag Performances in Lebanon," Elsien van Pinxteren (Soha Bayoumi)

"To Coin a Phrase: Counterinsurgency, Innovation, and the U.S. Military’s Enlistment of 'Enablers' in Iraq and Afghanistan," Andrew Watkins (Tad Oelstrom)


"The Political Rise of Ennahdha's women in Tunisia," Youssef Ben Ismail (Malika Zeghal)


"The Limits of International Human Rights Law: Ratification Politics in Selective Signatory States in MENA," Rachel George (Jack Goldsmith)

"Hasidic Geopolitics and the Greater Land of Israel: Israeli Hasidic Rebbes Encounter the West Bank, Gaza and Territorial Withdrawal, 1982-2013," Brett Levi (Jay Harris)

"The Gospel of Business Education," Salmaan Mirza (Roger Owen)

"How Terrorism Endures: Factors that Affected the Longevity of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK)," Reina Saiki (Lenore Martin)

"Daughters of the Iranian Revolution: Women’s Experiences of Increased Access to Higher Education in the Islamic Republic, 1987-1997," Alexander Shams (Afsaneh Najmabadi)

"Redefining Syrian Identity in the Diaspora: A Glimpse into the Lives of Syrian Refugees in Jordan June-July, 2012," Hassan Shiban (Roger Owen)

"Building an Insurgent Consciousness: Political Posters of the Fada’I Khalq (1978-80)," Rustin Zarkar (David Roxburgh)

"More Than Just Sunnis, Shi’ites and Kurds: A Flawed Constitution, the Failure of Parliamentary Oversight and the Rise of Nuri Al-Maliki in Iraq," John Zavage (Roger Owen)


"The Cultural Power of Poetry in Late Timurid Iran and its Representation in the Portable Arts," Marian Smith (David Roxburgh)

"Social Media as Passive Polling: Using Twitter and Online Forums to Map Islamism in Egypt," Todd Mostak (Tarek Masoud)

"The Implications of the Changes in the Elementary School Religious Education in Turkey between the Years 1980–1989," Ayse Lokmanoglu (Malika Zeghal)

"Beirut's Reconstruction: Citizens' Deaths, the Death of Citizenship?" George Somi


"Islamic Educational Treatises: A Guiding Light for Instructors, Students, and Their Books," Hunter Bandy (Ahmed Ragab)

"Women & Children First? The Impact of Humanitarian Practices on Sudanese Refugees in Cairo," Zara Bohan (Sara Roy)

"Belligerent Occupation and Humanitarianization in Gaza: Law and Practice," Lani Frerichs (Sara Roy)

"Male Voices and the Woman-Nation Trope: Ahlam Mosteghanemi Rewrites Kateb Yacine," Claire Kelly (William Granara)

"Foreign Boots, Arab Soil: Popular Views of American Bases in Kuwait and Bahrain," Marshall Nannes (Stephen Walt)


"Azhar ash-Shir: Romanticism, Translation and Ambivalence towards Modernity in Early 20th Century Egypt," Sara Berger

"Communities Like Your Own: The Question of the Animal in Ibrahim al-Koni’s 'The Bleeding of the Stone' and 'Gold Dust'," Allison Blecker

"Boudoir of Spirit: The Rhetoric of Form in the Medieval Near East," Henry Bowles

"Piracy on the High Sands: The Failure of Regulatory Reform After the 2006 Kuwait Stock Exchange Correction," Erin Bys

"Dancing Through the House of Many Mansions: Dabkeh in Contemporary Lebanon," Marielle Costanza

"Kissinger and the King: Reevaluating the Jordanian Option in the 1970’s Peace Process," Hillary Downs


"Policing Palestine, 1917–1937: British Structures of 'Law and Order' and Their Uneven Impact on Jewish and Arab Communities," Alex Winder

"Migrant Workers in 'Enclave' Industrial Camps in the Arab Gulf States," Thanavon Pamranon

"Exporting Iran's Islamic Revolution: Case Studies in Lebanon and Iraq," Pouya Alimagham

"Quasi-States and Contentious Civil Societies: Explaining Rates of Contestation between Civil Society Organizations and the Palestinian Authority, 1994–2006," Aaron Wenner

"Renegotiating the Public Sphere: Gender and Class in Modern Morocco," Emmaline Gayk

"An Oral History: The Kuwaiti Community in India in the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's," Rasha Al-Duwaisan


"Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: A Social Movement Alternative to the National Democratic Party?"

"Truth In Search of Power: Wahhabism and the Development of a New Islamic Orthodoxy"

"The Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS): At the Crossroads Between Science and Society"

"The Internet in the Middle East: Lessons for Arab Children"

"The Marginal Situation of Underprivileged Urban Youth in Contemporary Tehran"

"Middle Eastern Authoritarianism: Political Islam and the West"

"Iranian Involvement with Iraq Since the Fall of Saddam: A Policy Analysis"

"Powering and Empowering the Provincial Capital: Electricity, Street Lighting and Citizenship in Late Ottoman Damascus"

"The Monarchy and Women's Human Rights: the 2004 Mudawwana and the Process of Family Law Reform in Morocco"

"Federalism and National Unity: A Look at the Principle of Federalism Through the 2005 Permanent Constitution of Iraq and the 'Law of Specific Executive Procedures Formation of Regions'"


"New Geographies of Resistance: Urban Protest in the Seef District in Bahrain"

"Anonymity and Identity: A Reordering of Citizenship Rights by Female Heads of Households in Cairo"

"The Stars and Stripes in the Sublime Porte: America in the 19th Century Ottoman Empire"

"Turkey in to the EU: Past Challenges and Future Prospects"

"Miracle or Mirage: An Assessment of the Dubai Model of Economic Development"

"Transcending Boundaries: Jewish and Muslim Shared Saint Veneration in Morocco"

"The Female Body and Patriarchal Resistance in Modern Arabic Literature: A Study of Memoirs of a Woman Doctor, Woman at Point Zero, Voices, The Tent and The Story of Zahra"

"The New Hijab? Negotiating Tradition and Identity Through Dress: Fieldwork Among Muslim Women in the Greater Boston Area"


"Innocents Abroad: American Tourists, Travel Narratives, the Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Late Nineteenth Century"

"From Usama Ibn Munqidh to Usama Bin Laden: Islamic Rememberings of the Crusades"

"Public Health and Colonialism in 1920's Morocco"

"Al-Kawakibi's Thesis and Its Echoes in the Modern and Contemporary Arab World: Arabism, Islamism, Secularism, and Beyond Ideologization"

"Who Muted the Libyan? A Research Agenda for the Libyan Colonial Period: 1911–1943"

"Writing History from Memory: How Memory Narratives Become History in Jenin Refugee Camp"

"Economic Diversification in the Gulf States of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE"

" 'The Organization of Law, the Organization of Space and Subjects' Experience of Justice and Imperial Power in the Ottoman Empire, 1453–1566"


"Nationalism and Interpretations of the Past in Qajar Iran"

"A Critical Analysis of the Revolutionary Ideology of 'Ali Shari'ati"

"Journey to Paterson, New Jersey: An Introductory Exploration of Visual Culture and Palestinian Americans"

"Turkey's Problem in Terms of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment"

"Three Explanations of the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990)"

"Rabin: Hero of Israel. The Formation of Yitzhak Rabin's Legacy"