Seven Years of Occupation in Iraq and What For?

August 1, 2010

By Roger Owen

The departure of the last US combat troops from Iraq has been the occasion for much comment in North America. Nevertheless, much of it seems to miss the point. For one thing, it is almost always based on the typically American assumption that things might have gone better with better planning or sounder local knowledge or a different military strategy. But, as I have argued many times before, a modern occupation is bound to run into serious difficulties, however well executed and thought through, and, therefore, should only be embarked upon in the most...

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Thirty Years after Turkey's Last Military Coup

September 17, 2010

By Roger Owen

Thirty years ago on 12 September 1980 Turkey experienced a military coup, its third in twenty years. Designed to put an end to many months of ugly street fighting and killings, it also paved the way for a root and branch attempt to create an entirely new political system by means of its 1982 constitution, banishing all the old politicians and all the old political parties in the interests of introducing a new type of guided democracy under a fresh breed of a-political technocrats.... Read more about Thirty Years after Turkey's Last Military Coup

The Arab World Re-enters History?

January 28, 2011

By Roger Owen

It is rare that public events have the dramatic simplicity of the sudden departure of Tunisia’s late president. As such it belongs to that special category of especially memorable events such as the equally dramatic departure of the Rumanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989 when his people also found the courage to turn against him. Although, unlike Ben Ali, he was unable to save his own skin by getting out of the country in time, along with members of his close family and a sizeable amount of his ill-gotten gains.... Read more about The Arab World Re-enters History?

2015 May 05

"1913: Seeds of Conflict" film screening

4:00pm to 6:00pm


CGIS South Bldg, Belfer Case Study Room (S020), 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

1913: seeds of conflict poster

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies is pleased to present

1913: Seeds of Conflict

Breaking new ground and shattering old myths, this one-hour documentary, directed by award-winning filmmaker Ben Loeterman, explores the little-known history of Palestine during the latter part of the Ottoman Empire, a time of relative harmony between Arabs and Jews.... Read more about "1913: Seeds of Conflict" film screening