Funding for PhD Students

GSAS Financial Aid

Incoming CMES PhD students are guaranteed a financial aid package including grants covering tuition and living expenses in their first two years, tuition and living expenses in the form of assured eligibility for a Teaching Fellowship in their third and fourth years, and tuition in their final year. In addition, they are eligible for summer research awards following their first and second years in the program. Some aid offers are granted on the basis of merit, others are based on an analysis of student resources, while still others reflect a combination of merit and need. For detailed information about financing study at GSAS, please see the GSAS Guide to Admission and Financial Aid.

GSAS Financial Aid Office

CMES students are fortunate to have Betsy Scola as a Financial Aid Officer. Financial aid applications for the next academic year are mailed to all registered and eligible students in late November. Any eligible student who wishes to be considered for financial assistance should complete this form and return it to the Admissions and Financial Aid Office by January of each year. Check with the Financial Aid Office for this year's deadline.

You should consult the GSAS Admissions and Financial Aid Office booklet, “Financing Graduate Study” for information about scholarships, federal programs, and other sources of support.

GSAS Academic Fellowships Office

The Fellowships Office provides a range of services to assist graduate students in their search for fellowship funding, as well as dealing with many issues related to professional development. The Office also administers the major GSAS fellowship competitions, working closely with the staff of the Financial Aid Office in the implementation of fellowship awards. (The Financial Aid Office provides assistance more generally with issues concerning financial aid.)

One of the unique resources available at GSAS is the counseling of Fellowships Director Cynthia Verba. She provides incomparable advice about available fellowships, and on crafting fellowship proposals. For an appointment, phone 617-495-1814.

CMES Sources of Funding for PhD Students