"A War of Choice: The British in Iraq 2003-9" by CMES visiting fellow Jack Fairweather

April 27, 2012

war of choiceCMES visiting fellow Jack Fairweather has published A War of Choice: The British in Iraq 2003-9 (Jonathan Cape 2011), which he finished last year while at Harvard, aided by access to the Harvard libraries.

[In the book, Fairweather] gives a comprehensive account of this extraordinary, controversial period in British foreign policy. A Baghdad bureau chief for the Daily Telegraph, Fairweather uses on-the-ground reporting and over three hundred interviews to take readers from the besieged British outposts and insurgent hideouts of southern Iraq to the intense debates the war provoked inside 10 Downing Street and the White House.

A War of Choice was named a book of the year in 2011 by The Telegraph, The London Evening Standard, and The Times.