Video: 'Trauma, Magic, Love': a tribute to Osman Kavala on his birthday

October 2, 2019
Karagoz puppets

On September 16, CMES welcomed Syrian-Armenian-American stage and film actress Sona Tatoyan and artist and puppet master Ayhan Hülagü to speak about finding her Armenian grandfather's Karagöz puppets in the abandoned family home in Aleppo, Syria. Ayhan then presented some of Sona's family's puppets in a short puppet show to close the event. For more on Sona and Ayhan and the event:

Karagoz puppetsThis event was dedicated to Osman Kavala, a beloved Turkish civil society leader and philanthropist, who was arrested without charge in 2017 and could now face a criminal indictment seeking life imprisonment for him and 15 other people. Today is Kavala's birthday and his 702nd day in custody.

Watch a video of the talk and puppet show here: