Recent PhD Dissertations

(Dissertation advisors listed in parentheses.)


"'Licit Magic': The Touch And Sight Of Islamic Talismanic Scrolls," Yasmine F Alsaleh

"Dignity and Dependency: The Politics of International Aid Provision in Palestinian Society," Sa'ed Adel Atshan

"Obeying Those in Authority: the Hidden Political Message in Twelver Exegesis," Jennifer Thea Gordon

"The International History of the Yemen Civil War, 1962-68," Asher Orkaby

"Political Literacy and the Politics of Eloquence: Ottoman Scribal Community in the Seventeenth Century," Ekin Emine Tusalp


"Self and Other in the Renaissance: Laonikos Chalkokondyles and Late Byzantine Intellectuals," Aslihan Akisik

"Kirkuk, 1918–1968: Oil and the Politics of Identity in an Iraqi City," Arbella Bet-Shlimon

"In the City, Out of Place: Dispossession and the Economics of Belonging in Southeastern Turkey," Will Day

"Pleasure, Leisure, or Vice?  Public Morality in Imperial Cairo, 1882–1949," Nathan Fonder

"Negotiating Matrimony: Marriage, Divorce, and Property Allocation Practices in Istanbul, 1755–1840," Leyla Kayhan Elbirlik

"Dangerous Encounters: Riots, Railways, and the Politics of Difference in French Public Space (1860–2012)," Julie Kleinman

"Between Caliphs and Kings: Religion and Authority in Sharq al-Andalus, 1145–1243," Abigail Krasner Balbale

"Jihad and Other Universalisms: Arab-Bosnian Encounters in the U.S. World Order," Darryl Li

"Islamic Law and Legal Education in Modern Egypt," Aria Nakissa


"Fantasies of Reason: Science, Superstition, and the Supernatural in Iran," Alireza Doostdar (Steven C. Caton)

"A Radical Rethinking of Empire: Ottoman State and Society during the Greek War of Independence 1821–1826," Sukru Ilicak (Cemal Kafadar)

"Contours of Persianate Community, 1722–1835," Mana Kia (Afsaneh Najmabadi)


"Reception of European Law, Origins and Islamic Legal Revivalism, and Transformations in Islamic Jurisprudence," Leonard Wood (Roger Owen)

"Aden and the End of Empire, 1936–1960," Michael James Esdaile (Roger Owen)


"Friends Fall Apart: Relations Between Egypt and India from 1952-1970," Chotirat Komaradat (Roger Owen)

"Marks of Contagion: the Plague, the Bourse, the Word and the Law in the Early Modern Mediterranean 1720-1762," Aaron Shakow (Roger Owen)

"Cultivating Mystery: Miracles and the Coptic Moral Imaginary," Anthony Shenoda (Steven C. Caton)


"From Tradition to Law: the Origins and Early Development of the Shāfi‘ī School of Law in Ninth-Century Egypt," Ahmed El-Shamsy (Roy Mottahedeh)

"Ottoman Methods of Conquest: Legal Imperialism and the City of Aleppo 1480-1570," Timothy J. Fitzgerald (Cemal Kafadar)

"The Confluence and Construction of Traditions: Al-Qushayrī (d. 465/1072) and the Intersection of Qur’ānic Exegesis, Theology, and Sufism," Martin Nguyen (Roy Mottahedeh)

"State and Society in the Marketplace: Bursa in the Late 15th Century," Iklil Oya Selcuk (Cemal Kafadar)


"Commerce and Networks of Exchange Between the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Near East From the Early Ninth Century to the Arrival of the Crusaders," Koray Durak (Roy Mottahedeh)

"Explaining Multi-generation Family Business Success in the Gulf States," Mazen Jaidah (Roger Owen)

"Work No Words: Voluntarism, Subjectivity, and Moral Economies of Exchange Among Khoja Ismaili Muslims," Zahra Jamal (Steven C. Caton)

"Subjects of the Sultan, Disciples of the Shah: Formation and Transformation of the Kizilbash/Alevi Communities in Ottoman Anatolia," Ayfer Stump (Cemal Kafadar)

"Food as a Window Into Daily Life in Fourteenth Century Central Anatolia," Nicolas Trepanier (Cemal Kafadar)

"Before Qadi and Grand Vizier: Intra-Communal Dispute Resolution and Legal Transactions Among Christians and Jews in the Plural Society of Seventeenth Century Istanbul," Richard Wittmann (Cemal Kafadar, Roy Mottahedeh, Baber Johansen)

"The Provincial Challenge: Regionalism, Crisis, and Integration in the Late Ottoman Empire (1792-1812)," Ali Yaycioglu (Cemal Kafadar)


"Representation and the Republic: North African Art and Material Culture in Paris," Lisa Marie Bernasek (Steven C. Caton)

"Secularism Under Siege in Lebanon’s Second Republic," Mark Farha (Roger Owen)

"Beyond the Social and the Spiritual: Redefining the Urban Confraternities of Late Medieval Anatolia," Rachel Goshgarian (Cemal Kafadar, James Russell, Angeliki Laiou)

"Ottoman-Mamluk Relations: Diplomacy and Perceptions," Emire Cihan Muslu (Cemal Kafadar, Roy Mottahedeh)

"New Mi’yar of al-Mahdi al-Wazzani: Local Interpretation of Family Life in Late Nineteenth-Century Fez," Etty Terem (Roger Owen, Susan Miller)


"A Bitter Homecoming: Tunisian Veterans of the First and Second World Wars," Thomas DeGeorges (Roger Owen, Susan Miller)

"Not Their Fathers’ Days: Idioms of Space and Time in the Urban Arabian Gulf," Ahmed Kanna (Steven C. Caton)

"The Last of the Cosmopolitans?: Rum Polites of Istanbul in Athens: Exploring the Identity of the City," Ilay Romain Ors (Michael Herzfeld)

"Ottoman Modernity: the Nizamiye Courts in the Late Nineteenth Century," Avi Rubin (Roger Owen, Cemal Kafadar)

"Households, Guilds, and Neighborhoods: Social Solidarities in Ottoman Aleppo 1640-1700," Charles Wilkins (Cemal Kafadar)


"The Ottoman Interregnum (1402-1413): Politics and Narratives of Dynastic Succession," Dimitris Kastritsis (Cemal Kafadar, Wheeler Thackston)

"And Sulh is Best: Amicable Settlement and Dispute Resolution in Islamic Law," Aida Othman (Roy Mottahedeh)

"Signs Taken for Wonder: Nineteenth Century Persian Travel Literature to Europe," Naghmeh Sohrabi (Afsaneh Najmabadi)

"The Sultan and the Sultanate: Envisioning Rulership in the Age of Süleymān the Lawgiver (1520-1566)," Huseyin Yilmaz (Cemal Kafadar)


"The Ottoman Age of Exploration: Spices, Maps and Conquest in the Sixteenth Century Indian Ocean," Giancarlo L. Casale (Cemal Kafadar)

"The Nimatullahi Sayyids of Taft: a Study of the Evolution of a Late Medieval Iranian Sufi Tariqah," Michael Paul Connell (Roy Mottahedeh, Roger Owen)

"Incorporating Alevis: the Transformation of Governance and Faith-Based Collective Action in Turkey," Aykan Erdemir (Nur Yalman, Steven C. Caton, Michael Herzfeld)

"Seeking Loyalty: the Inner Asian Tradition of Personal Guards and its Influence in Persia and China," Yonggyu Lee (Roy Mottahedeh)

"A Jewish Messiah in the Ottoman Court: Sabbatai Sevi and the Emergence of a Judeo-Islamic Community (1666-1720)," Cengiz Sisman (Cemal Kafadar, Bernard Septimus)

"The Muhtasib, Law, and Society in Early Mamluk Cairo and Fustat (648-802/1250-1400)," Kristen Ann Stilt (Roy Mottahedeh)

"From Petrodollars to Islamic Dollars: The Strategic Construction of Islamic Banking in the Arab Gulf," Kristin Smith (Jorge Dominguez)


"Family and society in a seventeenth century Ottoman City: the ’Alamīs of Jerusalem," Diana Abouali

"Levantine trajectories: the formulation and dissemination of radical ideas in and between Beirut, Cairo, and Alexandria, 1860-1914," Ilham Khuri-Makdisi

"Community and nation-state: the Shi’is of Jabal ’Āmil and the New Lebanon, 1918-1943," Tamara Ahmad Chalabi

"The Ottoman state and the Greek Orthodox of Istanbul: sovereignty and identity at the turn of the eighteenth century," Karen Alexandra Leal

"Ottoman Sufi sheikhs between this world and the hereafter: a study of Nev'ı̂zâde Atâyı̂s (1583-1635) biographical dictionary," Aslı Niyazioğlu