Photo Gallery: 2017-18 Harvard College International Photo Contest

August 13, 2018
Cola anyone

CMES awarded a first prize and two honorable mentions in the 2017–18 Harvard College International Photo Contest for photos taken in the Middle East region. All photos were from students’ internships, language study, and travel in the summer of 2017. First place went to Portia Berry-Kilby ('20), a NELC concentrator, focusing on Arabic and the Modern Middle East. The photo was taken while she attended Yale's Summer Study Abroad program in Morocco where she studied Arabic for the summer with the CMES A.J. Meyer Foreign Language award in summer 2017. The photo was taken in Chefchaouen, Morocco. Portia also accompanied the CMES group excursion in January 2018 to Cunda, Turkey. 

Honorable mentions were awarded to Isabella Kwasnik ('20) and Michelle Ng ('18). Isabella's photo was taken in Aqaba, Jordan, and was in Jordan for purposeful travel. Michelle was in Morocco as part of the IHP Climate Change study abroad program, which explored the politics of food, water, and energy in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia. This photo was taken in the Merzouga Desert, and while in Morocco, stayed in Rabat with a host family. While at Harvard, Michelle studied Visual and Environmental Studies with a secondary in Computer Science. She graduated in 2018, and is now working at the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka through a post-grad fellowship.


Cola anyone"Cola, anyone?" Chefchaouen, Morocco. Portia Berry-Kilby ('20)


views"Views," Aqaba, Jordan. Isabella Kwasnik ('20)


ng"Onwards," Merzouga, Morocco. Michelle Ng ('18)