Syrian Asylees Produce Child Refugee Documentary 

March 19, 2019
Tomorrow's Children film

About 11 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of a civil war in 2011 – including a family that settled in Silver Spring. To bring awareness to the eight-year anniversary of the conflict’s beginning, the brother-sister duo of Mouhanad Al-Rifay and CMES AM candidate Oula Alrifai are screening their documentary about child refugees from their home country this month in the town that took them in 13 years ago. “Tomorrow’s Children,” released in 2018, was directed by Al-Rifay, executive produced by Alrifai and edited by Hawa Touré, a friend Al-Rifay met through the Montgomery County school system. The experiences of the Al Rifa’i family inspired them to give back to those affected by the war in Syria and raise awareness about the resulting injustices. Read more about the film and their experiences at Montgomery Community Media