MESA 2020 Annual Meeting

October 1, 2020
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The following CMES affiliated faculty and students will be panelists, presenters, and discussants at this year's Middle East Studies Association (MESA) meeting, to be held virtually October 5-17, 2020. Note: All times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

Didar Akbulut, PhD MES/History Candidate
Between Istanbul and Hejaz: Müneccimbashi Ahmed Dede and Scholarly Connections and Mobility in the Seventeenth Century Ottoman Empire
[P6106] Mobility of Scholars and Knowledge in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire: New Sources and Revisionist Approaches
Thursday, 10/08/20, 1:30 PM

Reilly Barry, AM Candidate
Ottoman Discourse in the Republican Period: A Question of the Rights to Ownership of Ottoman Memory
[P6176] Ottoman Revival and Return in Turkey
Saturday, 10/17/20, 1:30 PM

Soha Bayoumi, Lecturer on the History of Science
What place for emotions in academic activism?
[P5991] The Activist- Academic Hyphen
Monday, 10/5/20, 11 am

Youssef Ben Ismail, CMES AM alumnus, PhD NELC candidate
[P5987] Title: Past as Prelude? Historical Legacies and State Building Across the MENA Region
Saturday, 10/17/20, 11:00 AM

Rosie Bsheer, Assistant Professor of History
"Archive Wars" follows the battles to erase, remake, and monumentalize Saudi Arabia’s official history...
[R5886] Archive Wars: The Politics of History in Saudi Arabia
Thursday, 10/08/20, 1:30 PM

Melani Cammett, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs
Cammett will discuss the book in light of her ongoing research on the historical roots of development...
[R5806] Ahmet Kuru's "Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment"
Friday, 10/16/20, 11 am

Colonial Legacies and Human Capital
[P5987] Title: Past as Prelude? Historical
Saturday, 10/17/20, 11:00 AM

Development in the Middle East
Legacies and State Building Across the MENA Region

Meryem Demir, Preceptor in Turkish
ZIP YOUR (ZIPIR): Gaining Back Motivation After the Long Break Over the years as a language...
[R5808] AATT Roundtable: Materials, Development, and Design
Monday, 10/5/20, 11:00 AM

Mary Elston, Visiting Fellow
Constructing Turath: Knowledge and Politics at Egypt’s al- Azhar
[P6032] Islamic Knowledge and the Construction of Religious Authority in the Modern World
Tuesday, 10/6/20, 1:30 PM

Caroline Kahlenberg, PhD MES/History candidate
Women’s Bodies on the Border: Modesty, Gossip, and National Subject Formation in Early 20th Century Palestine
[P6128] Territoriality and Contested Borders
Friday, 10/16/20, 11:00 AM

Andrew Leber, PhD Government Candidate, recipient of CMES Arabian Peninsula grants
Gaining Rights through Agenda Setting
[P5908] The Fixed and the Changing: From Social Movements to Public Policies Across the MENA Region
Monday, 10/5/20, 1:30 PM

Annette Lienau, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Translation, Orientalist Networks, and the Crisis of Diversity
[P6080] Orientalist Networks and Their Afterlives
Thursday, 10/15/20, 1:30 PM

Maryam Patton, PhD MES/History candidate
Mirror of the Celestial Spheres: Towards Understanding Circles in Islamic Astronomy
[P5928] Towards a History and Interpretations of the "Circle" in the Scientific and Visual Cultures of the Middle East
Friday, 10/16/20, 1:30 PM

Muharrem Aytug Sasmaz, PhD Government candidate, work with the CMES Tunisia Office
[P5891] Decentralization and Local Governance in Tunisia
Tuesday, 10/6/20, 1:30 PM

Keye Tersmette, PhD MES/Anthropology candidate
Borderline Disorder: the Making of the Omani-Emirati Border
[P6128] Territoriality and Contested Borders
Friday, 10/16/20, 11:00 AM

Laura Thompson, PhD Islamic Studies candidate, work with the CMES Tunisia Office
Protecting God's Majesty and Public Decency in Contemporary Tunisia: Whom does blasphemy offend?
[P6232] Defining Identities, Norms, and Boundaries in Contemporary Tunisia
Saturday, 10/17/20, 1:30 PM