Congratulations, CMES Graduates 2018-19!

June 20, 2019
2019 commencement group shot

CMES is pleased to congratulate this year's graduating class of eighteen students who earned a master's degree in Regional Studies—Middle East and its graduating PhD students.

AM Graduates and Thesis Titles

  • Hamad Al-Hajri
  • Oula AlrifaiThesis: The Self-Flagellation of a Nation: Assad, Iran, and Regime Survival in Syria | Advisor: Nicholas Boylston
  • Amna Al-ThaniThesis: Women’s Head Covering in Islam & Judaism | Advisor: Afsaneh Najmabadi
  • Sahar AmarirThesis: Minorities and the state: A Comparative Study of Variations in Levels of Internal Dissidence Within Morocco and Jordan Advisor: Tarek Masoud
  • Joshua DeanThesis: From Oslo to Taba: Was a Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ever truly within reach? | Advisor: Sara Roy
  • Tara DhaliwalThesis: Javanmardi-e Fetyān: Spiritual Chivalry in Early Modern Iran | Advisor: Sheida Dayani
  • Fridtjof FalkThesis: The Americanization of European Foreign Policy vis-à-vis Iran: How the European Union Became Beholden to the United States’ Iran Policy  | Advisor: Payam Mohseni
  • Mariam Ghanem Thesis: So You Think You’re Empowering Women? A Critique of NGOs Through Ethnographies of Female Breadwinners in Urban Cairo  | Advisor: Steve Caton
  • Amber GlavineThesis: Homosexuality and Same-Sex Union in Islam: An Analysis of Contemporary Debates* Advisor: Nicholas Boylston
  • Colleen Hegarty
  • Suzie LahoudThesis: Khomeini’s Philosopher King: Examining the Philosophical Origins of Vilāyat-i Faqīh* Advisor: Khaled El-Rouayheb
  • Oliver McPherson-SmithThesis: Institutional Change and Continuity in the Era of Mohammad bin Salman: A Case Study of the Solar Power Industry in Saudi Arabia | Advisors: Kristin Fabbe & Meghan O’Sullivan
  • Nicholas NorbergThesis: Constitutionalism in Modern Iraq, 1839-1958 | Advisor: Phillip Walker
  • Grace O’Brien (AB/AM)
  • Ellen Stockert
  • Steven Wickman

*Winners of the thesis prize

PhD Graduates and Dissertation Titles

  • Efe BalikciogluDissertation: “A Coherence of Incoherences: Graeco-Arabic Philosophy and the Fifteenth-Century Ottoman Synthesis of Philosophy with Sharia” | Advisor: Cemal Kafadar
  • Han Hsien Liew Dissertation: “Piety, Knowledge, and Rulership in Medieval Islam: Ibn al-Jawzī’s Ameliorative Politics” | Advisor: Roy Mottahedeh




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