Congratulations, CMES Graduates 2017-18!

May 16, 2018
CMES Commencement 2018

CMES is pleased to congratulate this year's graduating class of thirteen students who earned a master's degree in Regional Studies—Middle East and its graduating PhD students.

AM Graduates and Thesis Titles

  • Ceren Ates
  • Anna BootsThesis: "'The Boundaries of the Tunisian': Migration and Race in post-Revolution Tunisia" | Thesis Advisor: Steven Caton
  • Blaire BygThesis: "Changing Nature, Shifting People: Point Four, Water Development, and U.S. Refugee Policy in the Jordan River Valley, 1949-1955" | Thesis Advisor: Sara Roy
  • Daniel CordThesis: "The Date Palm and the Da'wa: Non-Religious Factors Favoring the Rise and Resiliency of the Saudi States" | Thesis Advisor: Wilfrid Rollman
  • Mohamad Khalil HarbThesis: "Escapism by Design: An Ethnography of Leisure-Consumption Architecture in Beirut" | Thesis Advisor: Steven Caton
  • Stephen HurwitzThesis: "United Nations Security Council Resolution 242: The Role of Ambiguity" | Thesis Advisor: Salim Tamari
  • Andrew McIndoeThesis: "UNIFL and the Changing Nature of Peacekeeping" | Thesis Advisor: Sara Roy
  • Kim QuarantelloThesis: "Middle East Refugees in Lowell: A Case Study on Refugee Resettlement—'American foreign policy f***** up my country, but the United States gave me a new life'" | Thesis Advisor: Sara Roy
  • Mano SakayanThesis: "Evangelizing in Eastern Anatolia: Historicizing the Rise and Early Work of the ABCFM's Harput Station" | Thesis Advisor: William Granara
  • Mohamad SalehThesis: "Estrangement: Transience and Being in Modern Arabic Literature" | Thesis Advisor: William Granara
  • Jamil SbitanThesis: "Lubricating the Machines of the Western World": Knowledge and Subjectivity in Aramco's American Employee Handbooks (1950)" | Thesis Advisor: Steven Caton
  • Rebecca Wadness
  • Theodore WyeThesis: "Islamic State Prisons: Structural Violence and Connections to an Authoritarian Past" | Thesis Advisor: Kristen Stilt

PhD Graduates and Dissertation Titles

  • Ian McGonigle, History and MES—Dissertation: "Genomic Citizenship: Peoplehood and State in Israel and Qatar" | Advisor: Steven Caton
  • Rubina Salikuddin, History and MES—Dissertation: "Sufis, Saints, and Shrines: Piety in the Timurid Period, 1370-1507" | Advisor: Roy Mottahedeh

CMES Commencement 2018