Congratulations, 2016-17 CMES Graduates!

June 2, 2017
CMES graduation 2017 group

CMES is pleased to congratulate this year's graduating class of thirteen students who earned a master's degree in Regional Studies—Middle East and its three graduating PhD students.

AM Graduates and Thesis Titles

  • Zena Agha—Thesis: “The Judaization of Space: A Critical Analysis of Spatial Practices in Palestine–Israel.” | Thesis Advisor:  Sara Roy
  • Joseph Ataman—Thesis: “The War of Words: How Islamic State Tailors its Messaging to English and Turkish Readers.” | Thesis Advisor:  Jocelyne Cesari 
  • Hamdullah Baycar—Thesis: “Sati al-Husri as an Ottoman Intellectual: The Idea of Homeland and Nation.” | Thesis Advisor:  Himmet Taskomur  
  • Alice Duesdieker—Thesis: “Achieving Women’s Rights through Arab Nationalism: Thuraya al-Hafiz’s Vision for Arab Women and a United Arab Nation.” | Thesis Advisor:  Khaled Fahmy
  • Hajar Habbach  
  • David Max Korzen  
  • Benjamin Leibowitz  
  • Amir H. Mahdavi  
  • Ethan Mefford—Thesis: “ ‘A Berber Dahir in Reverse’: Muhammad V’s 1946 Campaign to Bureaucratize Charismatic Authority in Morocco.” | Thesis Advisor:  Sahar Bazzaz, College of the Holy Cross
  • Shawheen Rezaei (AB/AM)
  • Hannah Rigg—Thesis: “The Issues of the Colonial Caretaker: Dual Loyalty, Palestinian Prisoners, and Israeli Medical Professionals.” | Thesis Advisor:  Khaled Fahmy
  • Nour Soubani  
  • Robert Whalen

PhD Graduates and Dissertation Titles

  • Elise K. Burton, History and MES—Dissertation: “Genetic Nationalism: Scientific Communities and Ethnic Mythmaking in the Middle East.” | Advisor:  Afsaneh Najmabadi
  • Jesse C. Howell, History and MES—Dissertation: “The Ragusa Road: Mobility and Encounter in the Ottoman Balkans (1430–1700).” | Advisor:  Cemal Kafadar
  • Deniz Turker, History of Art and Architecture and MES—Dissertation: “Ottoman Victoriana: Nineteenth-Century Sultans and the Making of a Palace, 1836–1909.” | Advisor:  Gülru Necipoğlu