Book by CMES Professor Roger Owen to be discussed at Translation Salon during AUC Forum

May 20, 2010


CMES Professor Roger Owen's book "Lord Cromer: Victorian Imperialist, Edwardian Proconsul" (Oxford University Press, 2004), will be the subject of a Translation Salon held on May 23rd during the American University in Cairo's (AUC) Seventh Annual Forum On The Economic and Business History of Egypt and the Middle East. The discussant and chair will be Khaled Fahmy, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at New York University. More information about the Forum can be found on the AUC website.

Published in 2004, Professor Owen's book is the first modern biography of Lord Cromer (1841-1917), who served as Her Majesty’s Agent and Consul-General in Egypt, and de facto ruler of Egypt, from 1883 to 1907. The book was translated into Arabic by Egyptian historian Raouf Abbas, and is number 999 in a series of Arabic language translations organized by Egypt's Supreme Council for Cultural Affairs. It is available in English from Oxford University Press.