DATE CHANGE: Writing History, Writing Documents: Self-representation of an Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Historian-cum-Judge


Monday, April 23, 2018, 4:00pm to 6:00pm


CMES, Rm 102, 38 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA 02138

CMES Sohbet-i Osmani Lecture Series presentsAkiba Jun

Jun Akiba
Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo; Visiting Scholar, Department of History, Harvard University

Please note: the date of this talk has been changed to April 23rd.    


Jun Akiba is Associate Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo, and currently a Visiting Scholar at History Department, Harvard University. He specializes in Ottoman history during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with a focus on judiciary institution, judicial administration, and education. His current projects include a book on the Ottoman judiciary during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and a study of Ottoman self-narratives and self-representation. His articles on girls schools and female teachers in pre-Tanzimat Istanbul and sharia judges in the nizamiye courts are forthcoming. In the seminar, he will discuss the self-representation of the eighteenth-century Ottoman historian-cum-judge Şemdanizade Süleyman Efendi, found in different versions of his chronicle as well as the documents he produced during his judgeship.

Contact: Liz Flanagan