Through A Camera Obscura: Economic Science and the Emergence of the Market in Colonial Egypt


Monday, February 13, 2017, 4:00pm to 6:00pm


Robison Hall, Lower Level Library, Harvard Yard, 35 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA

The Weatherhead Initiative on Global History Seminar presents

Casey Primel
Volkswagen Postdoctoral Fellow, Weatherhead Initiative on Global History, Harvard University

Roger Owen, AJ Meyer Professor of Middle East History, Emeritus, Harvard University
Lydia Walker, PhD candidate in History, Harvard University

This graduate-faculty research seminar is designed to bring together interested faculty and students on a continuing basis to cover topics on global history. It is part of History 2950A, Approaches to Global History, and includes both reading sessions designed for graduate students and research sessions open to the interested public during which students and faculty participants will present current research. Faculty participants will be drawn from a number of schools, and, most especially, from the group of fellows in global history who are spending the academic year 2015/16 at the Weatherhead Initiative on Global History. Discussions will be moderated by Professors Sugata Bose and Charles S. Maier.

The precirculated seminar paper is available at: or by request to