The Rule of Law and the Courts in the New Egyptian Constitution


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Honorable Deputy Chief Justice Adel Omar SherifThe CMES Working Group on Arab Transformative Movements presents

The Honorable Deputy Chief Justice Adel Omar Sherif

Dr. h.c. Adel Omar Sherif is the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt; a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas and the Vice-President of the International Judicial Academy, Washington, D.C. He holds law degrees and Advanced Studies diplomas in Law and Economics, Public Law, Administrative Law, and a PhD in Constitutional Law, from Cairo and Ain Shams Universities in Egypt.

After working in private practice, Justice Sherif was appointed to the Council of the State (Egypt’s system for administrative judiciary), where he served between 1980 and 1992 in the various positions within the judicial section. In 1992, he moved to the Supreme Constitutional Court as Assistant Counselor for the Commissioners’ Body. He was promoted to full Counselor in 1993 and was assigned Acting Head of the Commissioners’ Body that same year. In December 2002 he was promoted to the position of Deputy Chief Justice.

Prior to his arrival to the bench as a DCJ in 2002, Justice Sherif, had occasionally been delegated to serve, in addition to his main judicial work, as a part-time legal adviser to several government agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, the Cultural Palaces Organization, the Real-Estate Bank of Egypt, and the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration.

Justice Sherif has written and published widely on various legal aspects including human rights, constitutional issues, Islamic law, and environmental law.

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