The Ottoman Palace Library Inventory of 1502-03


Fri - Sun, Apr 4 to Apr 6, 5:00pm - 1:00pm


Sackler Building, Room 515, 485 Broadway; and, Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS) Building Room S020 (Belfer Case Study Room, basement), 1730 Cambridge Street

Presented by the Harvard University Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture

This workshop focuses on a unique manuscript, in the Oriental Collection of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which is a catalogue in Arabic of the holdings of the Topkapı Palace Library in Istanbul, compiled for Sultan Bayezid II by his royal librarian in the year 909 (1502-03). The presentations are preliminary versions of essays that will be published in the Supplements to Muqarnas Series (Brill, Leiden and Boston) of the Aga Khan Program of Islamic Architecture at Harvard.
The publication edited by Gülru Necipoğlu, Cemal Kafadar and Cornell Fleischer – the three directors of this collaborative group project – will include a facsimile and transliteration of the text, and a full critical apparatus, accompanied by essays and studies by the team of scholars who will be presenting papers in the workshop. The lectures evaluate the contents of the library in specific disciplines under which the books were inventoried. The aim of the workshop is to appraise what was collected, along with an assessment of early sixteenth-century Ottoman intellectual culture from the viewpoint of the royal palace library, with its “universal” collection of approximately 5700 volumes and 7200 titles in all branches of knowledge, written in Arabic, Persian, Ottoman and Chaghatay Turkish.

PLEASE NOTE: there is new location for the April 4 portion of the program-- Sackler Lecture Hall in the basement of the Sackler Building

Workshop Program

Friday evening, April 4, 2014
Sackler Building, Sackler Lecture Hall in the basement, 485 Broadway
5:00 Welcome Remarks
Gülru Necipoğlu (Harvard University)
Cemal Kafadar (Harvard University)
Cornell Fleischer (University of Chicago)
5:15 Gülru Necipoğlu
“An Inventory and Its Encyclopedic Classification of Books: The Topkapi Palace Treasury-cum-Library Collection under Sultan Bayezid II”
5:45 Zeren Tanındı (Sakıp Sabancı Museum)
(al-masahif al-‘aziza) “Arts of the Book: The Qur’ans, Illustrated (musawwar) and Illuminated Manuscripts of the Topkapı Palace Library Listed in the Inventory”

6:05 Zeren Tanındı
“Extant Manuscripts with Seal Impressions of Bayezid II Transferred from the Imperial Treasury to Other Libraries”

6:25 Zeynep Atbaş
(Topkapı Palace Museum), Zeren Tanındı
“The Inventory and Extant Manuscripts with Seals of Bayezid II: The Topkapı Palace Library and Other Library Collections”

6:45 Discussion of presentations by the first three speakers (15 minutes)

7:00 Shahab Ahmed (Harvard University)
(al-tafasir wa ‘ilm al-qıra’at) “Books on Interpretations of the Qur’an and the Science of Qur’anic Recitation”
7:30 Recep Göktaş (Ankara University), unable to attend, will send paper
(al-aḥādith wa asmāʾ al-rijāl) “Books on Hadith”
No presentation: Snježana Buzov (Ohio State University), unable to attend or send paper
(al-adʿiya, khawass al-Qurʾan, kutub ʿilm al-wafq) “Books of Prayers and the Science of Talismans”
7:50 Presentations conclude
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS) Building
Room S020 (Belfer Case Study Room, basement), 1730 Cambridge Street
9:45 Himmet Taşkömür (Harvard University), Abdurrahman Atçıl (Queen’s College, City University of New York)
(al-usul al-din, ilm al-kalam) “Books on Islamic Canon Law and Studies of the Qur’an”
10:20 Mürteza Bedir (Istanbul University)
(usul al-fiqh, al-fiqh, al-manaqib al-ai’mma) “Books on Islamic Canonical Jurisprudence”
10:55 Cemal Kafadar, Ahmet Karamustafa (University of Maryland), Snježana Buzov unable to attend
(manaqib, al-tasawwuf, al-nasayih, al-mawa‘iz, al-manaqib al-mashayikh wa al-awliya) “Books on Lives of Saints, Sufism, and Sermons”
11:30 Break (20 minutes)
11:50 Hüseyin Yılmaz (George Mason University)
(‘ilm al-akhlaq; siyar al-muluk; al-siyasat al-mulukiyya) “Books on the Science of Ethics, Rulership, and Politics”
12:25 Nükhet Varlık (Rutgers University)
(al-tibb, al-sumum, al-filaha) “Books on Medicine and Agriculture”
1:00 Lunch Break (1½ hours)
2:30 Cemal Kafadar, Cornell Fleischer, Kaya Şahin (Indiana University)
(al-siyar wa-al-tawarikh, adab al-harb, umur al-riyasa wa al-sultana wa al-siyasa, al-furusiyya, al-bayṭara) “Books on Biography and History”
3:05 Ahmet Karamustafa, Pınar Emiralioğlu (University of Pittsburgh) not attending, will send paper
(ʿajāyib al-makhlūqāt, ṣuwar al-aqālīm) “Books on the Wonders of Creation and Geography”
3:40 Tahira Qutbuddin (University of Chicago)
(al-dawawin al-‘arabiyya, al-manzuma bi-al-‘arabiyya, al-khutab al-musajja‘a, al-amthal, al-tarassul, al-insha’ al-siyaqat wa al-arqam, ‘ilm al-‘aruz, ‘ilm al-qawafi wa al-shi‘r wa al-mu‘amma) (al-ma‘ani, ‘ilm al-sarf wa al-nahw, al-lugha al-‘arabiyya wa al-farisiyya wa ghayrihima) “Books on Arabic Literature, Divans, Literary Theory and Dictionaries”
4:15 Break (20 minutes)
4:35 Sooyong Kim (Koç University)
(al-dawawin al-farisiyyati, al-manzumati bi al-farisiyyati) (al-lughati al-‘arabiyyati wa al-farisiyyati wa ghayrihima) (al-manzuma bi-al-turkiyya wa al-mogholiyya) “Books on Persian Literature, Persian and Turkish Divans, Dictionaries”
5:10 Ferenc Csirkés (University of Chicago)
(al-dawawin al-turkiyya wa al-mogholiyya, al-lugha al-‘arabiyya wa al-farisiyya wa ghayrihima) “Books on Turkic Literature and Dictionaries”
5:45 Presentations conclude

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS) Building
Room S020 (Belfer Case Study Room, basement), 1730 Cambridge Street
9:45 Cornell Fleischer, Tunç Şen (University of Chicago)
(‘ilm al-ta‘bir, ‘ilm al-firasa, ‘ilm al-kimya’, ‘ilm al-ahjar, al-raml, al-fal, ‘ilm al-nayrinjat, al-tilsimat, al-simya’i, wa ghayrihim, ‘ilm al-jafr, al-sina‘at al-‘ajiba, al-hiyal, al-sihr, ‘ilm al-nujum) “Books on Astrology, Geomancy and Esoteric Sciences”
10:20 Dimitri Gutas (Yale University)
(‘ilm al-nujum, ‘ilm al-hay’at, ‘ilm al-hisab, ‘ilm al-handasa, ‘ilm al-musiqi, al-shataranj) “Books on the Quadrivium or Mathematical Sciences: Astronomy, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Chess”
10:55 Elaheh Kheirandish (Harvard University)
(‘ilm al-hisab, ‘ilm al-handasa, ‘ilm al-manazir) “Books on Arithmetic, Geometry, and Optics”
11:30 Break (20 minutes)
11:50 Khaled Al Rouayheb (Harvard University)
(‘ilm al-jadal, al-mantiq) “Books on the Philosophical Sciences: Dialectics and Logic”
12:25 Dimitri Gutas
(al-hikmati al-islamiyya, al-hikmat al-falsafiyya) (al-kutub al-mutarjama min al-Tawrat wa al-Zabur wa al-Injil) “Books on Islamic and Greek Philosophy; Translations including the Bible, Psalms of David and the Torah”
1:00 Workshop concludes

Please note that space is limited; there is no registration for this workshop.

Contact: Cecily Pollard