The Search for Identity: Jury analysis & discussion of three recent international Saudi design competitions


Friday, March 4, 2016, 3:00pm


Gund Hall, Room 123, Harvard Graduate School of Design

MEdiNA and CMES present

Nader Ardalan

Jury analysis & discussion on possible meanings of recent international design competitions in Saudi Arabia, including the National Built Heritage Center, the Saudi Aramco Center for World Culture, and the Masjid-Al Haram Expansion in Mecca.

Nader Ardalan served on two of the above project design juries and is a recognized leader in the field of environmentally sustainable and culturally relevant design with a particular focus on the Middle East. His talk will be a jury analysis and discussion of the three projects mentioned with a look at key elements and possible factors affecting the recent trend of international design competitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Contact: Ramzi Naja