The Conflict Over Natural Gas Reserves in the Mediterranean: Political Risks vs. Economic Opportunities


Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 12:30pm to 2:00pm


CMES, Rm 102, 38 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA 02138

The CMES Middle East Forum presentsSema Kalaycioglu

Sema Kalaycioglu
Professor, Department of Economics, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul

Sema Kalaycioglu is a professor in the department of Economics at Yildiz Technical University (Istanbul). Her main research and teaching interests include International Economics, International Political Economy, Political Economy of Turkey and the Middle East, Economics of the Middle East, and Energy Economics. She has a BA in Economics at Istanbul University (1973), an MA in Economics at University of Iowa, department of economics (1977), and a PhD in Economics at Istanbul University (1982). Kalaycioglu became an assistant professor in 1982, an associate professor in 1986 and a full professor in 1992. She worked at Yildiz Technical University 1982-2003, where she served as the director of the Banking and Finance department, the graduate dean of the Social Science Institute and the chairperson of the department of economics. At Isik University (2003-2008), she established a multilingual program for the “Political Economy of the Middle East”in 2005, and served as the director of that program and the chairperson of the department of economics, which she also established in 2003. At Dogus University (2008-2011), she served as the chairperson, the graduate dean and the faculty dean. For the last four years she has been involved in the academic councils, publications, activities and seminars of the Turkish Asia Strategic Research Center (TASAM). Dr. Kalaycioglu was an IDE visiting scholar in Tokyo Japan in 1995-96, in the University of Minnesota in 1999. 

Her most recent presentations: “ The Nature of the Syrian Conflict and its Regional Implications”(November 2016, Istanbul Security Conference, Istanbul); “Risks, Challenges and Opportunities for the Turkish Economy in 2016 & Beyond (May, 2016, Institute of Developing Economies, Chiba, Japan); “More on Economic Cooperation: Conditions of Success and Feasible Ways”(Dec. 8-9, 2015), PRIF, Academic Orchestra Middle East, Frankfurt; “The World Economy in Transition and the Role and Importance of Regional and Multilateral Cooperation” (Dec. 4, 2015), Istanbul Security Conference, Istanbul; “Basic Pillars of the Turkish Energy Policy and The East Mediterranean Gas: The Saga of an Unexploited Opportunity” (August, 2015), Prague; “The Regional Economic and Political Dimensions of the Syrian Conflict, and Turkey” (16 April, 2015),  Harvard Middle East Center, Cambridge, MA; “Viability of a Prospective Independent Kurdish State under Conflicting Regional Sectarian and Ethnic Interests” (27-29 April 2015), Turkish-German Security Dialogue, Conrad Adenauer Stiftung, Ankara; “Disputed Regional Oil Issues: Iraqi-Turkish Relations: Why is Turkey Deeply Involved in Iraqi Affairs?” (Feb. 13-15, 2014), Prague; “What Does Putin’s Visit to Egypt Promise for the Middle East?” (January, 2015) IMES Club, University of Moscow; “Disasters and Illicit Operations: The Case of Turkey” (Nov. 7, 2012), NESA, Bangkok; “Economic Aspects of China-Turkey Strategic Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges” (Nov. 8, 2012), 1st China-Turkey Forum, Beijing; “Perspectives on Arab Spring” (Sep 29, 2012), 7th RISA, Moscow. 

Contact: Liz Flanagan