Book Talk: Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter


Monday, October 2, 2017, 4:00pm to 5:30pm


Taubman Building, Allison Dining Rm, 5th Floor, Harvard Kennedy Sch, Cambridge, MA

This talk has been rescheduled from its original date (Sept 12).

The Middle East Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School presents

Zohra DrifInside the Battle of Algiers
Algerian freedom fighter and Senator on Algeria's Council of the Nation, 2001-2016; author, Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter from Just Word Books

Zohra Drif is a hero of Algeria’s war of national liberation. Born in 1934 in Tiaret, in western Algeria, she studied law at the University of Algiers before joining the National Liberation Front. As a core member of the movement’s armed wing in Algiers, she conducted or supported several high-profile operations that advanced the revolutionaries’ struggle to draw international attention to France’s abuses against the local population and the Algerians’ need for freedom. Ultimately captured by the French and condemned to twenty years of forced labor for “terrorism”, she spent five years in prison in Algeria and France, during which she continued her legal studies and her activism. In 1962, upon her country’s independence, she was freed from prison, and was soon elected to Algeria’s first National Constituent Assembly. She co-founded an organization to support youth orphaned in the liberation struggle, and went on to practice as a criminal lawyer in Algiers for several decades. A senator in Algeria’s Council of the Nation from 2001 to 2016, she served as a senate vice president from 2003 onward.

Moderator: Professor William Granara, Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

The seminar will be conducted in French and English, with translation. Followed by a book signing at the Harvard COOP, 1400 Mass Ave.

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Contact: Chris Mawhorter