Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review, Volume 5

Volume 5, 1999-2000


The Stages of the Family Life Cycle in Cairo at the End of the Reign of Muḥammad ʿAllī, According to the 1848 Census, 1
Philippe Fargues

Masʿud Saʿd Salmān and the Topos of Exile in Ghaznavid Poetry , 40
Sunil Sharma

The Coexistence of Turks and Greeks in Medieval Anatolia (Eleventh-Twelfth Centuries), 58
Nevra Necipoğlu

The Jing Xing Ji of Du Huan: Notes on the West by a Chinese Prisoner of War, 77
Alexander Akin


A survey on the Present State of Ottoman and Turkish Studies in North America, 103
Edited by Cengiz Şişman

Afterthoughts on Imagining the Balkans, 125
Maria Todorova

Book Reviews

M.W. Daly, ed. 
The Cambridge History of Egypt: Modern Egypt from 1517 to the end of the Twentieth Century
, 149
Roger Owen

Layla S. Diba and Maryam Ekhitar, eds.  
Royal Persian Paintings: The Qajar Epoch 1785-1925
, 151
Zeynep Yürekli

Kevin Rushby
Eating the Flowers of Paradise: A Journey Through the Drug Fields of Ethiopia and Yemen
, 154
Giancarlo Casale

The incoherence of the Philosophers (Tahāfut al-Falāsifa)

Translated, Introduced, and Anotated by Michael E. Marmura
, 155
Rahim Acar

Joshua Prawer and Haggai Ben-Shammi, eds. 
The History of Jerusalem: The Early Muslim Period, 638-1099
, 160
Nitza Rosovsky

Bruce Lawrence
Shattering the Myth: Islam Beyond Violence
, 163
Bruce Fudge

Selim Deringil
The Well- Protected Domains: Ideology and the Legitimization of Power in the Ottoman Empire, 1876-1909
, 167
Hasan Kayalı

Eyal Ben-Ari
Mastering Soldiers: Conflict, Emotions, and the Enemy in an Israeli Military Unit
, 170
Barak Salmoni

Nawal El Saadawi
The Innocence of the Devil
, 173
Ahmad Kanna

Robert D. McChesney
Kabul Under Siege: Fayz Muhammad’s Account of the 1929 Uprising
, 175
Michael Connell

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