Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review, Volume 2.2

Volume 2, Number 2, Autumn 1995

From the Managing Editor, i
Reza Alavi


Contemporary Issues

The Clash of Civilizations: An Islamicist’s Critique , 1
Roy P. Mottahedeh

Modern History

Egyptians in Blackface: Nationalism and the Representation of Sudan in Egypt, 1919, 27
Eve Troutt Powell

Iran’s Oil Crisis of 1951-1953
New Documents and Old Realities
, 46
Mostafa Elm

Islamic Sciences

Healing the Soul: Perspectives of Medieval Muslim Writers, 62
Bazat- Tahera Qutbuddin

Literature and Society

Kings, Peasants and Shoemakers: Social Structure in Firdawsī’s Shāhnāmeh, 88
Louise Marlow

Review Essay

Oxford Between Islam and the West, 109
Reza Alavi

Book Reviews

Fergus Millar
The Roman Near East, 31 B.C.-A.D 337, 119
Morris M. Mottale

Yehuda Ben Meir 
Civil-Military Relations in Israel
, 121
Barak Kalfuss

Olga M. Davidson
Poet and Hero in the Persian Book of Kings
, 128
Richard N. Frye

Dwight F. Reynolds 
Heroic Poets, Poetic Heroes
, 130
William Granara

W. Montgomery Watt 
Bell’s Introduction to the Qur’an
, 134
Asma Afsaruddin

Salma Khadra Jayyusi, ed.
Anthology of Modern Palestinian Literature
, 138
Samar Attar 

Document and Records

Society: Searching in its Time of Revolution for a Literature with Which it Can Soar Aloft, 142
Yehia Hakki

Announcement, 149

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