Yael Berda

Yael Berda

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Gerard Weinstock Visiting lecturer, Department of Sociology, Harvard University
Yael Berda
Dr. Yael Berda is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, Hebrew University. She was an Academy Scholar, the Harvard Academy for International & Regional Studies, WCFIA from 2014-2017. Berda received her PhD from Princeton University; MA from Tel Aviv University and LLB from Hebrew University faculty of Law. Berda was a practicing Human Rights lawyer, representing in military, district and Supreme courts in Israel. Her most recent book is Living Emergency: Israel's Permit Regime in the West Bank (Stanford University Press, 2017 ). Berda's is currently working on a book manuscript entitled: "The File and the Checkpoint: the Administrative Memory of the British Empire". Her other research projects are about the construction of loyalty of civil servants in Israel and India, the use of emergency laws to shape political economy of colonial states, and colonial legacies of law and administration that shape contemporary homeland security practices in postcolonial states. Berda publishes, teaches and speaks on the intersections of sociology of law, bureaucracy and the state, race and racism and sociology of empires. During the 2020-21 academic year Dr. Berda will teach Sociology of Law in a Transnational Perspective.

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