Eric D. Conner

Eric D. Conner

AM Candidate in Regional Studies—Middle East
Eric Conner

Eric is a first-year student in the A.M. program at Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Eric graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in international relations with double minors in Middle East and Islamic studies (MEIS), and Persian studies. While an undergraduate, he was awarded the spring 2020 Middle East and Islamic Studies Student Excellence Award scholarship by the MEIS faculty—the culmination of his years-long dedication to and passion for the field. As a senior, Eric was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa national academic honor society. For his senior thesis, he researched the deleterious effects of Iranian and Iraqi government-implemented discriminatory policies toward ethnic and racial minorities in oil-rich provinces. For Eric, the most crucial component of his graduate studies: advanced language proficiency. While at Harvard, he will study both Arabic and Persian. He will employ these complementary languages to further explore his research interests in Iranian politics and culture, and political Shi‘ism—in particular, investigating the role of Shi‘i political thought, parties and militias in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria.

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